Hi, I'm Wes.

I can help you build a website or mobile app that will grow your business.

Who Am I?

I am primarily a front-end web developer and product manager. Occasionally, you will find me doing some design work, but I think that should be left to the designers who are vastly superior in that realm.

Aside from building you a website, I love helping you manage it and think through the business needs of your company. I don't lock myself away in a dark room and just code your project. I like to interact with you, think through the design and business needs, and ensure that I am providing a beautiful website that will actually helps you grow your business.

Tech Mumbo Jumbo

If you are interested, you can check out some of the tech that I use to build websites. Please know that I will choose great tech that will serve the needs of the project.

  • HTML
  • Javascript
  • CSS

What are you needing?

If you are looking for someone that will come alonside you, invest in your project, and provide a great website, then I am your man!

Your project means a lot to you and your business, as it should! You are wanting/needing a website because of how it can help you improve your business. Don't compromise on that first need of growing your business by hiring someone that will give you a really flashy website but doesn't focus on the business needs.

Don't get me wrong. A great design is crucial to any websites success, but it shouldn't overpower the need to make money and accomplish the goals of the site.

If what I described above is what you are looking for, then go ahead and reach out to me and we can start chatting about your project!

Check out some of my work.

ACR Supply Mobile App

In the process of building ACR Supply's new website and the front-end for their new online store, I realized that there was a great need and opportunity for a mobile app. I knew that this app needed to provide something valuable and not just information about each store. So, I started thinking through what our customers would want out of a mobile app, and realized that they should be able to search products, call us for pricing, and find one of our store locations really easily. I finished building the app with those goals in mind. I of course added in information about ACR, a blog feed, and the ability for people to email us, but the primary goals were always to provide value to our customers.

HVAC Finder

The HVAC finder was another app that I built for ACR Supply. We didn't want this app fully branded as an ACR app because we wanted to reach people outside of our known customer base. HVAC Finder provides an extremely easy way for people to search for any HVAC or Refrigeration part, see if it is available at any of our ACR warehouses or call for availability.

Climb Morocco

Climb Morocco was one of my first bigger sites that I ever did and still one of my favorites. As a tourism company it was important that we showcased, through photography, the incredible trips that visitorys could go on.

Davlen Rental Group

Davlen Rental group needed a site that they could showcase all of their rental properties with. We decided to go with a great framework that allowed us to manage which properties were for rent and easily update those properties.